Zlatan Ibrahimovic, strength is change (in the age of change)

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As usual, in the second half of December sports magazines – or simply fans – draw up their own ranking of characters of the year. 2020 is no exception, which sees Zlatan Ibrahimovic on almost all podiums. Whether or not it is the cover athlete the last 12 months is not easy to say, for sure though teaching broadcast by the Swedish bomber binds double thread with the delicate historical phase that the whole world is going through.

Beyond the goals and performances, in fact, the Swedish bomber he amazed everyone with his adaptability. Last January, a 38 years old, is back in the game accepting the proposal of a Milan which – at the time – was sailing in troubled waters: he had been stopped for two months due toexclusion from the playoffs of the American championship, the Rossoneri instead were veterans of a resounding 5-0 cashed inAtalanta, one of the lowest moments of theirs recent history.

They began to working together, head down and few words, sharing public opinion: “He had a serious injury and for two years he played in the United States, at too slow a pace, ”they said the skeptics, «With his character he risks create chaos inside there is a changing room made up mainly of inexperienced young people“. Nothing could be more wrong: the center forward has dropped great in the part, like an actor, and began his show.

One different show from what almost everyone expected: yes because Ibra, aware of difficulty of the group and – above all – of his own age, amended both i movements in campor that the attitude with companions. Its strength was the change, while remaining himself: «If I get angry when someone is not training to their fullest? Sure. If I get angry when someone miss a step? Also, ”he recently told Sky. “Just the way I am”.

Proper nutrition, physical care, attention to detail: Ibra il impeccable professional, today as eight years ago. That’s why it’s surprising far from it, that is the ease with which he took over a new task. In 2012 they sat next to him expert samples, at the end of a cycle, which he had to tease to get them make the best of it; in January instead he found in Milanello budding talents, that a cycle dream of opening it, and they needed to a route.

An example to follow. So Ibra took on his shoulders the responsability relieving the group: he put his face, the one who they know everywhere, and won his bet. AC Milan started to win, him to score: in 2020 in Europe only top clubs like Bavaria Monaco e Real Madrid – in terms of results – they did better than the Rossoneri, who recently proved to be great even without the giant of Malmoe.

L’injection of self-esteem it worked, now the team plays well and scores an avalanche of goals. Ibra from the outside smiles slyly, with a wise expression: 39 years old recently, he was even invited as regular guest at the next Sanremo Festival. “When you are young you want to be rock ’n’ roll, then grow up and you transform“. That said it seems easy, but in reality it is not: making the change aware, welcome it and make the most of it.

The challenge more important won by Ibra, in an era where recalibrate your habits – albeit only temporarily – is duty and necessity of all.

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