Zoë Kravitz says Robert Pattinson’s transformation for ‘the Batman’ was incredible

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One of the most anticipated releases is that of The Batman, the new installment of the Dark Knight that could well start a trilogy with none other than Robert Pattinson as the protagonist. Although many have doubted the decision to cast the British as Bruce Wayne, one of the actresses in the project is sure of her talent.

Zoë Kravitz said she has already seen a bit of the final version of the film and, although she cannot give many details for obvious reasons, the beautiful 32-year-old star who plays Catwoman stated that Pattinson has done a great job and her transformation to interpret the DC Comics hero has been amazing.

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Rob is perfect for this role. It was incredible. His transformation was something from another world. Matt Reeves, the director, has a lot of heart and cares down to the last detail of these characters. I hope the fans love the movie because we worked so hard on it.

Kravitz’s statements could be just what Pattinson needs, since a few weeks ago, the protagonist of The Lighthouse He talked about the pressure he feels trying to please fans of DC comics, especially since unlike other projects, this is one of the best known and with several successful versions.

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robert pattinson y christian bale

I’ve done a lot of movies where, you know, I play characters that could be considered partially monstrous and whenever I’ve promoted them, usually nobody cares what I have to say about it. But I’ve noticed that every time I say something about Batman, I have a wave of offended fans behind me.

Pattinson added that it is very difficult to perfect a definitive version of Batman when there have been actors who have managed to play the role successfully, as is the case with Christian Bale in the trilogy created by Christopher Nolan and the one that managed to establish Heath Ledger as one. of the best Jokers in history.

Although The Batman has received some criticism, mostly for the inclusion of Pattinson in the title role, the first official preview of the film has generated great expectations among loyal fans of the comics and the general public. We will have to wait to see how good the handsome English performance is on March 22, 2022.

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