Zoom introduced landline phones with camera and video calling

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Zoom Video Communications has announced the launch of a new category of office devices called Zoom Phone Appliances, which combine Zoom’s video conferencing technology and partner products. Simply put, these are landline phones equipped with cameras and touch screens that can be used not only for regular calls, but also for video calls.

Zoom Phones are an alternative to legacy phones, enabling organizations and businesses to use video in the workplace. They can be purchased without any problems, and installation and use are not difficult. Phones are always online and ready for instant communication. They make it easy to start spontaneous or scheduled video conferencing, make and receive regular calls, check voicemail, and exchange data. Of course, all functions of the Zoom service are also available.

Zoom Phones are managed centrally through the Zoom Admin Portal. No additional licenses are required, just log into your Zoom account and create an office environment. Each user has the ability to synchronize their calendar, status, scheduled appointments and other data. The touch display can act as an interactive whiteboard, allowing you to collaborate on tasks.

In the first phase, the Zoom Phone Appliances category includes three devices: Poly Poly CCX 600 and CCX 700, and Yealink VP59 Zoom. The first two belong to the class of landline telephones with an integrated camera. The third is a more advanced smart videophone, the display of which is placed separately from the base.

Zoom devices are available through the Hardware-as-a-Service program and from authorized Poly and Yealink resellers.

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