Trading volumes in non-fungible tokens, according to figures from the CryptoSlam platform, decreased in May by 54% compared to the previous month, to $630 million.

NFT trading in the Bitcoin ecosystem totaled $185 million in May, down 71% from April 2024. On the Ethereum network, trading volumes fell by 55%, on Solana by 47%.

Fourth place was taken by the L2 solution Blast, where NFT sales amounted to $55 million. Since NFT trading in this ecosystem was recently launched, an increase of 2582% was recorded in May. The Immutable network also showed positive dynamics, increasing the volume of trading in collectible tokens by more than 23%, to $31 million.

The number of buyers and sellers of NFTs for the month, according to СryptoSlam, decreased slightly – by 6% and 7%, respectively.

Previously, the US Department of the Treasury announced that the non-fungible token industry is particularly susceptible to fraud and facilitates the laundering of criminal funds.