10 behind-the-scenes details that made some scenes memorable

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In our favorite series and movies there are moments that are so good, either because they convey a great feeling, move us to tears or simply make us laugh non-stop, that make us wonder how they did it or what the directors used, producers, actors or actresses to make us feel that way.

Here are 15 details and secrets that occurred behind the scenes that are responsible for an actor or actress to transmit a genuine emotion, giving a touch of naturalness to that moment and making that scene one of the most memorable.

1. The glow

The glow

Throughout the tapes, Danny Lloyd, the actor who played Jack Nicholson’s son in the movie, had no idea that he was shooting a horror movie, to protect him and give his character that air of pure innocence.

2. The fight Club

The fight Club

The tape was recorded in chronological order and during the recordings, Edward Norton maintained a strict diet and stayed away from the sun so that his character deteriorated while Brad Pitt’s became stronger and stronger.

3. Batman: The Dark Knight

Batman: The Dark Knight

The scene where the Joker tries to blow up the hospital, but the detonator fails was actually a moment of improvisation on Heath Ledger’s part, as the explosions were actually delayed. When they finally detonate, their surprise is genuine.

4. Good boys

Good boys

The food that appears in the scene where Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci meet for spaghetti was prepared by the mother of Martin Scorsese himself, as she wanted to give an air of authenticity to a family moment between the characters.

5. Interstellar


The scientists who worked on the film researched and studied so much about theoretical physics and the effects of black holes that all the work they did will be published as formal research.

6. Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

The scene where Chris Pratt’s character, Andy Dwyer, arrives at Ann’s house totally naked is real. Amy Poehler, the actress who participated in the scene, had no idea that Pratt would do it, so her reaction is genuine.

7. Jane The Virgin

Jane The Virgin

Before filming the scene where Jane learns that Michael is dead, Gina Rodriguez listened to a recording that Brett Dier made especially for her, explaining how much he loved her and appreciated her time on the show.

8. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

Jason Segel, the actor who plays Marshall on the show, didn’t know his character’s father would die until the day the episode was filmed. Marshall’s onscreen reaction is genuine as Lily confesses what happened.

9. Glee


Just before filming the episode The Quarterback, where they talk about Finn’s death, the entire cast and crew of the series organized a meeting to talk about Cory Monteith and remember all the moments they spent together.

10. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

David Harbor recorded himself reading the letter his character wrote to Once about his courtship with Mike and their relationship as father and daughter. That recording is the same that Millie Bobby Brown was listening to when she recorded the final scene of season 3.

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