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10 celebs who have made absurd requests for their backstage

There are those who humbly limit themselves to requesting a catering with specific foods or water and those who obviously decide to overdo it: among the lesser known privileges of celebs we find the absurd requests made to the organizers for their backstage dressing rooms. Here are 10 celebs that certainly weren’t limited!


The singer, in a concert held in October 2011 in London, would have requested unlimited cheeseburgers, 100 figs and plums, fish and chips, toothpaste and … a framed photo of Princess Diana.

You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? (And … ask the staff what you want?) You better work, bitch!


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Katy Perry, in 2011, asked for a very specific furniture for his dressing room: walls to be strictly cream or light pink, two cream-colored egg-shaped chairs, a refrigerator with a glass door, two French-style floor lamps and cascades of flowers. On these too, the singer had clear ideas: peonies, white and pink roses, white and purple hydrangeas are welcome and seasonal flowers are welcome. Carnations absolutely banned! I can’t imagine the performance anxiety of comrade Orlando Bloom when he wants to give her a bouquet of flowers…


This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.


Source: Vanity Fair

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