10 Great ideas to use baby bangs with style

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When it comes to looking beautiful, one of the things that we do not leave aside is the hair. We have already talked a lot about the dyes that are in trend. However, this time we want to talk about the style that is setting the trend for fringes.

It’s all about the style soft grungethe trend that began to emerge from the blogs of Tumblr is a modernization of the grunge from the 90s, in it we can find elements of contemporary gothic culture. It is because of this that in this look we can appreciate is a little punk. In addition, it comes from the hand of the baby bang, which is nothing more than a haircut with a mini fringe that goes above the eyebrows, providing a very retro look. So if you want to show off this haircut, here we bring you the best ones so you can use it this season.

1. You makeup will look better

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baby bangs makeup

2. In addition, it will not take long to comb it

baby bang messy hair

3. With any shade of dye

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baby bangs blonde dyed hair

4. With straight fringe for straight hair girls

long hair baby bang cut

5. It also looks cool en girls with wavy hair

baby bang wavy hair

6. Gothic and beautiful

gothic and beautiful baby bang

7. Combine it with the look black&white

baby bang with black and white

8. Layered looks perfect

layered baby bangs

9. Also hairstyle looks very cute

baby bang hairstyle

10. Style it however you want

stylized baby bang

Source: Okchicas

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