10 Movie Scenes So Disturbing They Traumatized Us For Life

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When people say that they don’t make good horror movies anymore, they often mean that “jump scares” are becoming easier to predict, you know, the ones where a person is looking in the mirror and is distracted for a moment looking the other way, when he looks in the mirror again something has already appeared behind him. The technique is not bad, but if you constantly abuse it, the scare ceases to be effective.

To build a good horror scene you have to know how to create tension, combine it with an effective story and a suffocating atmosphere. This is how some images have remained engraved in our heads, those that appear when you take a shower and close your eyes, and you cannot help it. Actor Elijah Wood asked for Twitter to share the images that have most traumatized the public, these were some responses.

1. signals

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Scenes that marked us forever

This scene still haunts many, possibly because of the mockumentary technique that helps create the effect that it is a real recording, the unexpected video was to blame for many sleepless nights.

two. The witches

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Scenes that traumatized us forever

What will never be the same again is the makeup and the effects, this is proof of how amazing it was to do it from scratch. Nothing prepared us to see the true form of witches.

3. The curse

Scenes that traumatized us forever

This ghost was impressive, it is responsible for making it horrible to take a shower, all for fear that a hand was on our head helping us with the shampoo, apart from the sound it made, it lives with me forever.

Four. The Exorcist

Scenes that traumatized us forever

I can think of at least three scenes that shocked me when I first saw this movie, it was full of scary moments. But the constant appearance of the demon in sudden ways was very uncomfortable.

5. Infernal possession

Scenes that traumatized us forever

Another one with unforgettable effects and makeup, when the characters start to be possessed it becomes an exciting experience as well as grotesque, currently it is a movie that you cannot miss if you are a horror lover.

6. Blair’s wich

Moments in the cinema that traumatized us forever

I know that for many it is a very boring movie, but at the time marketing was everything for it to succeed, many people believed that the recordings were really the last moments of these friends’ lives. Knowing that, this ending is very fitting and disturbing.

7. blood camp

Scenes that traumatized us for life

Those who have not seen the movie do not understand the impact that this scene represents. Although it is quite predictable, when it is finally revealed, you open your eyes wide at this image.

8. the devil’s legacy

Movie moments that traumatized us forever

Another one full of scenes that make you lose your mind (I couldn’t put that one because it’s so grotesque, but it’s not necessary, I know everyone remembers it). Instead, this moment was very unexpected. Also, it looks too dark, forcing you to focus more and more until you find it.

9. the night of the devil

Movie scenes that traumatized us for life

If your dog stares at you it is because you have this demon behind you, there is no other way. East jump scare It is an example that things can still be done well. Loud music, moments of tension and a monster that is uncomfortable to watch.

10. Ring

Scenes that traumatized us for life

Samara is a character that haunts us for life, because almost always something creepy it happens, there is someone who says: “it’s the girl with the ring”, it’s in the constitution or something.

Finally, the publication of the star of the lord of the rings he also lent himself to joking around a bit. These were some scenes that “traumatized” the participants of the thread:

Scenes that traumatized us for life

Scenes that traumatized us for life

Scenes that traumatized us for life

Scenes that traumatized us for life

Source: Okchicas

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