Jung Young-Han, the driver who went viral for his way of delivering the news

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When someone presents a note in a news program, the style that the host must show is serious and respectful of the subject that is going to be treated. However, there are some newscasts that have varied sections in which the presenters can play a little with the way they share the news.

As well as this Korean news presenter, who has a peculiar way of sharing the news of the singers, because he loves to dance in the middle of his section, for which he caused a furor on social networks and went viral internationally.

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Gif of Jung Young-Han, the Korean newscaster who dances when giving the news of shows

His name is Jung Young-Han and he works as a reporter for the MBC news network in South Korea. The host has shown off his dancing skills during the live broadcast of the show by featuring artists doing their iconic dances in his beloved culture and entertainment section.

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His popularity began on May 17, during the broadcast of the news NewsTodaywhen he began to dance the choreography of success Deepof Girls’ Generation, which was playing in the background, while announcing the return of the group, which will return to the stage to celebrate its 15th anniversary after eight years of being separated.

After delighting the audience with the steps according to the choreography of the music video projected in the background, Young stood up again and straightened his posture. After taking a breather, he continued to present the news, showing a more formal appearance than usual.

His unique way of presenting the most popular news in the world of Korean entertainment did not go unnoticed, so his video dancing to the choreography of Deep It went viral on social networks, where users assured that due to their emotional attitude, they do want to see the news.

Given the virality of his dance in the broadcast of the program, the driver narrated through his Instagram account that while he moved according to the choreography of the theme, he remembered that in his student days he liked to sing the theme a lot Gee, which was also one of the group’s biggest hits in 2009.

Although that has not been the only occasion in which the driver has danced during the news, because on another occasion he began to dance the famous choreography of Gangnam Styleof PSY, and during another broadcast he surprised everyone by recreating the choreography of How You Like Thatfrom Blackpink.

Before joining the news channel, Young claimed that he was in a dance club and that he has worked as a producer for the YouTube channel. Travel Crazywhich makes him a very versatile and creative person.

His way of sharing the news has captivated all users on the Internet, who through their comments have congratulated him for his unparalleled dance skills, but above all for giving a different touch to the news that we commonly see on television.

Source: Okchicas

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