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10 Movies With Endings That Ignored All Logic And Were Criticized For It

When it comes to cinema, everyone can have a different opinion, something totally valid, because tastes break genres. However, from time to time it happens that most people think that a movie is lousy. If that happens it is because someone really ruined it monumentally.

A lot of viewers have hated the following list of movies, either because they have ridiculous plot twists or because they threw logic overboard. We understand that, in any case, there may be people who like them, but it is a large minority.

1. I’m legend (2007)

Movies with bad endings

What bothered the most about this ending is that they opted for cheap sentimentality. If they had followed the original story line that the book proposed, the film would be on a very different list. Since they start talking about more survivors and that there are more shelters waiting for them. Furthermore, Robert Neville’s decision to sacrifice himself becomes more and more cliche.

two. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

Movies with bad endings

This saga pointed to something totally different, so much so that the outcome practically came on a silver platter, which is why it never ceases to amaze how bad it turned out.

Reaching the long-awaited climax, which is the final battle between King Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine, it seems that a child is playing with dolls and decides to invent as many meaningless rules as he can think of.

3. Artificial intelligence (2001)

Movies with bad endings

The tragic combination of two styles, that of Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg, because if you didn’t know it was started by Kubrick before he died, so Spielberg was in charge of finishing the project. If something is certain, it is that his methods are extremely different and in this movie we can verify it.

Knowing this, the decisions that each director made are very notorious, because the film has a beginning full of complexity and moral analysis, but ends in endless honeyed and “moving” ideas.

Four. Saw III (2006)

Movies with bad endings

If you are one of those who have followed this saga since its inception, you will know that it had an incredible start, but every time they tried to follow the story, logic jumped out the window. This third installment seeks to be risky and shocking, but the only thing it causes is other people’s sorrow, because the villain, jigsaw, tries to give life lessons from an increasingly less accurate position.

5. signals (2002)

Movies with bad endings

From director M. Night Shyamalan, known for being the king of the plot Twist, In this installment he almost achieved another success, in terms of a gloomy atmosphere and an impact story, but his desire to give the viewer a direct response led him to decide that the aliens in the film were allergic to water. An open ending would have worked much better.

6. The village (2004)

Movies with bad endings

Another of M. Night Shyamalan, because there was a decade in which he did not stop surprising with terrible movies. In this one he again achieves an attractive and terrifying story at times, but he tripped over the same stone, because when he wanted to explain the existence of the village where the protagonists lived, we concluded that Shyamalan was afraid of success.

7. Remember me (2010)

Movies with bad endings

A romantic film that had all the elements to be one of the many, but its ending catapulted it to stand out as one of the worst in the genre. We meet Tyler Hawkins and Ally Craig, who struggle to be together, but when it seems that they will achieve it, out of nowhere we learn that they are living, specifically, in the moment of the tragic accident of the twin towers. Also, coincidentally, Tyler is in the affected building, giving us one of the most meaningless endings in movie history.

8. Planet of the Apes (2001)

Movies with bad endings

In the original movie, at the end we found out that the planet of the apes is actually the earth in the future and that was a great ending. But with the remake, Tim Burton had to come to pretend that he could do better. He “shocked” by showing a statue of the Lincoln Memorial a little differently, because, in that reality, the president was an ape. Given this, endless questions arise that have no answer because logic was not part of this outcome.

9. Hancock (2008)

Movies with bad endings

We follow the story of John Hancock, a man with superhuman powers who tries to use them for good, but inadvertently. John causes more damage and loss, so people prefer that he stays out of it.

So far so good, because we see how Ray Embrey tries to help him to improve his attitude, the problem comes when they invent a super elaborate background that nobody needed and that, before contributing something, makes the story feel rushed and clumsy.

10. number 23 (2007)

Movies with bad endings

Jim Carrey plays Walter Sparrow, who discovers a book recounting a murder, where the victim is obsessed with the number 23, leading Sparrow to “remember” elements of the story, almost as if he had lived through them.

And long story short, yes, he was the killer, but it’s so painfully obvious that the movie feels incredibly ridiculous, almost as if the viewers’ intelligence is being mocked.

Source: Okchicas

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