10 Premieres on Amazon Prime Video that you can’t miss


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Amazon Prime Video is already positioned as one of the platforms streaming most requested worldwide. For this reason, month after month they add to their catalog great releases ranging from documentaries and films to self-produced series.

Here we share 10 of the great releases that come to the platform this month. Prepare the popcorn and your warmest blanket because you will not detach from the sofa for a single second.

1. American Gods: Temporada 3

It shows the story of two mysterious men who travel through the United States to meet mythological gods that still inhabit the earth.

2. Gross, Nothing: Season 2

This series with a comic touch tells the story of a group of close friends who navigate through all the experiences that can be in life: love, heartbreak, betrayal, marriage, children, career, breakups, and so on.

3. School for seducers

It narrates the journey of three friends who decide to take classes to seduce women. On their way they will live more than one adventure and in the process they will learn to love themselves and respect women.

4. The Assistant

A girl recently graduated from college gets the job of her dreams as an assistant in a prestigious company, but routine and constant abuse of the system will lead her to apply for a promotion, discovering a strange network of deceptions.

5. Start over

It shows the harsh life of a mother who runs away from her abusive husband with her two children. Just when she thinks her life will start again she finds herself trapped in a temporary home, but inspired by one of her daughter’s tales, she begins to build her own home and life.

6. Brahms: The Boy II

After an incident, a family moves to the city of London to protect their son. Over time his son discovers a porcelain doll named Brahms, with whom he befriends, without imagining that he is cursed.

7. The Roads Not Taken

It shows the day in the life of a father and his daughter, who will face challenges in the chaotic mind of this man, who wonders how his destiny would have been if he had made different decisions.

8. Dragged Across Concrete

Two police officers are suspended after their unusual working methods are exposed in a video. But far from retiring, they will take advantage of their status as civilians to impose their own law.

9. On death row

Based on real events. It tells of the judicial process of a man who is unjustly blamed for the murder of the owner of a nightclub and two models.

10. Greenland

A family will do everything possible to survive after a meteor threatens to hit the earth. On their way they will meet the best and worst of humanity head-on.

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