10 things that only those who hate playing sports can understand

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The other day, returning from a dinner with some friends, despite it being cold and raining, there was a boy who was jogging. Now, I’m sporty enough, but there is a limit to everything and that limit is even more fleeting and close when you hate playing sports. If you belong to this category I know that a shiver ran down your spine when you read this story, but know that you are not alone in this feeling. So, here it is 10 things that only those who hate playing sports can understand:

1- You are certainly nicer. Fortunately, you don’t belong to that category of people who, every time they lift a weight or go to the gym, take a selfie in a plastic pose. Unbearable.

2- You are actually sportsmen. Who runs every morning to catch the bus or metro? Who, better than you, slalom with the scooter in the middle of the traffic between the cars? Stuff that not even in MotoGP. This is all physical activity.

3- Indulge in your favorite dish every time you try to train. Since it is a superhuman effort for you and, that rare time it happens, even if you burn 10 kcal, run to eat your favorite dish to recover.

4- Your body is not programmed to exert effort. You tried, but the next day everything hurt and it is not at all true that it disappears with training. It’s an unpleasant and perpetual feeling that reminds you that you should be at home sipping wine and not in the gym lifting weights.

5- You do not have serotonin. They always say that playing sports releases serotonin and therefore increases the good mood, but obviously you do not have it because, in the end, every time you tried it, you were just angry and exhausted.

6- You have much more free time. Your friends know this and for a last minute commitment you are the perfect companion because they know that they will never hear the phrase from you: “No sorry, but today I have to go to the pool”.

7- Your smartwatch never started working. They gave it to you some time ago, telling you about the wonders it could have done. But you don’t play sports and, therefore, the only function you have activated is the one that keeps the time, just like any clock.

8- Bet everything on charm. The sculpted physicists are for those who have nothing to offer, you bet everything on charm. After all, you know, that * affiscinant * and full * of charm always beat the beautiful and physical ones hands down.

9- You know you made the right choice. When you talk to the friend * who tells you that he gets up at 5 to go for a run or with someone else who defies the cold to go to the gym, think of you, your comfortable sofa and your blanket and you know you have taken the wisest decision.

10- Find it relaxing to watch sports on TV. You feel much calmer and more serene if someone else is making the effort and not you!


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