COP26: “Enough with the blah blah” – Young people take to the streets of Glasgow

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The powerful of the world are targeted and accused of making empty promises to protect the planet. So young people are coming out today, at the end of the first week of the UN Climate Conference (COP26), on the streets of Glasgow to pressure governments to act.

“Until today we have heard many words from world leaders (…) Demonstrations like this put pressure on the people in power and we know that this movement must grow to achieve the changes we need to guarantee the security of the present and the future. “said Vanessa Nakate, an activist from Uganda.

Inspired by the young Swede Greta Thunberg Millions of young people took to the streets in countries around the world in 2019 urging leaders to act faster and more decisively to tackle global warming.

These weekly demonstrations, which took place every Friday, were stopped due to the covid-19 pandemic, but they have started again a few weeks ago, always headed by Thunberg, many of whose statements are also displayed on the banners held by young people. Like the “blah blah,” for which he recently blamed world leaders.

“It’s not a climate conference. It is a ‘green wash’ festival of rich countries. “A two-week celebration of one of the same and blah blah”, the Swedish activist complained again yesterday, Thursday, via Twitter.

“We expect a lot of people to come and join us on the streets, not only young people but also adults who support young people and adults who want climate action,” said Isabel Akelson, a 20-year-old activist from the Climate which organizes the current course, as broadcast by international agencies and rebroadcast by the Athenian News Agency.

“People will listen to us”

Activists in red uniforms in Glasgow

On Monday, during COP26, which is considered crucial for the future of humanity, young Kenyan Elizabeth Utouti called on leaders to “open their hearts to the people at the forefront of the climate crisis” and take “responsibility”. their”.

“So far they have not done so, but the thousands on the streets this weekend will make sure to be heard,” she added in a statement.

Inside the conference center today will be dedicated to young people.

In October, Italian Environment Minister Roberto Singolani and COP26 President Aloc Sarma pledged to transfer Glasgow a manifesto adopted by 400 young people from around the world who met in Milan under the auspices of the UN: about 50 pages of proposals for energy transition, funding and citizen participation.

After today’s youth, a wider coalition of organizations has called for coordinated demonstrations around the world tomorrow Saturday.

“For ten years now the storms in the Pacific have been stronger, the droughts longer and the floods more intense. Fisheries can no longer feed their families. That is why I am participating in the march “, Briana Frouan, who went to Glasgow from the Samoa islands with the organization Pacific Climate Warriors, underlined in her announcement.

“We refuse to be the only victims of this crisis. “We will not drown, we will fight and on Saturday the people will hear us,” he stressed.

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