101-year-old granny looks for a job so she doesn’t depend on anyone

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María Cardoso’s story became quite popular in recent weeks, as her desire for independence was a sign of the great feminine power she has.

The 101-year-old granny, who is originally from São Paulo, Brazil, has a great desire: To be financially independent from her daughter and to be able to buy with her own money the wine she likes to drink and some snacks to go with it.

He had the determination to achieve his purpose

Mary wearing a flower crown

Her great-granddaughter Pâmela helped her draw up her curriculum, because unfortunately the old woman had to stop studying when she was a child, since her parents could not educate all of their children. However, in his youth he learned about rural work and always wanted to work in an office. That is why María requested to work as a “desk assistant” and asked her great-granddaughter to state the reason why she wanted to work when she handed in her CV.

His will touched thousands

Curriculum of María Cardoso

Pâmela gave the CV to Juliana Araujo, an employee of the meat treatment company where some of her children and grandchildren work, and it was she who decided to share María’s story.

Empowered is 101-year-old Mrs. María, who asked her great-granddaughter to give me her resume, because she wants to work so she doesn’t depend on anyone to buy her wines.

A lesson in courage, strength and independence for all of us. I shared it because it was something that changed my day, this lady is a lesson in female empowerment.

-Juliana Araujo

You now have all the wine you want

Mary drinking a glass of wine

Despite the fact that this grandmother did not get a job in the same company where her great-granddaughter works, her story reached the ears of a winemaker who contacted her. They will send you some bottles from time to time to test the product and through an Instagram account, give brief reviews about them. There is no doubt that when you want and have the will, anything can be achieved.

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