11 commonly used items that contain hidden plastic

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June 5 is World Environment Day. And what is the number one enemy of the environment? Plastic, one of the major causes of pollution.

Even if you think you use very little of them, do you know that many everyday objects contain hidden plastic? Greta Volpi from @greenonthebeam shows them to us in this video:

Here is a recap:

Sale: From research conducted by Greenpeace and fromSouth Korean University of Incheon it was found that 36 out of 39 table salt samples from various countries, includingItaly, contained microplastics

Cigarette butts: Cigarette filters are made of a plastic called cellulose diacetate and when thrown into the environment they spill nicotine, heavy metals and other chemicals

Glitter: They are usually made by superimposing glittering pigments on plastic sheets which are then cut into tiny pieces

Nial Polish: contains plasticizing agents that prevent the enamel from falling apart during drying

Wet wipes: They are often made of polyester and release microplastics when they break

Some tea bags: The tea bags in nylon and polyethylene terephthalate or Pet (the pyramid one, to understand), in addition to not being compostable, release billions of micro and nanoparticles into the water

Internal absorbents: They are packed in plastic, encased in plastic applicators, with plastic cords and may even include a thin layer of plastic in the absorbent part

Synthetic fabrics: A single load in the washing machine can release between 700,000 and 12 million microfibers

Tap and bottled water: A worldwide survey of microplastic pollution in tap water showed an average presence of 5.45 particles / liter in 81% of the samples analyzed. But unfortunately not even bottled water is saved: micro-fragments of plastic have been found in 93% of the water bottles of 11 important brands, in various countries of the world; was shown by research conducted by the State University of New York

Receipts: May contain BISPHENOL A (Bpa), a plastic and toxic substance

Chewing gum: May contain polyethylene and polyvinyl acetate and are not biodegradable!

What are the daily actions you take to reduce your plastic consumption?

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