11 Situations Only Moms Can Understand

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Being a mother is not an easy task and there is no manual that can help you solve all the conflicts, situations or mischief that you experience every day with the little ones.

But don’t worry, you are not the only one suffering from all this. The truth is that between moms we manage to understand each other. Here we show you 11 situations that you have surely gone through if you have children.

1. You know what its temperature is

If the thermometer drops just a little, you immediately put one jacket after another on him, because you know his temperature and he will get sick if you don’t protect him. You hated when your mom did it, but now you have that chip.

2. You became a chef

Little girl eating a plate with vegetables

You always strive to prepare their food in the most creative way, but no matter how hard you try, they will never touch the vegetables.

3. Giving him vitamins is a daily struggle

Child eating vegetables

You already bought the vitamins in the form of bears or popsicles and even so, you can’t get me to take them, but it’s a fight that you are not willing to lose because one day they will thank you.

4. You subscribed to all channels and parent groups

Woman checking her cell phone and computer

Before on your social networks there were only funny memes and videos, but since you became a mom there are only groups and guides for parents. You have to learn from someone, right?

5. You are an excellent juggler

Woman changing her baby's diaper

You learned to change diapers, prepare bottles, change the baby and even feed him almost at the same time, that made you an excellent juggler.

6. You are a magician to hide sweets

Mom and daughter eating ice cream

You always put restrictions on your child on sweets, but you are the adult and you can eat them, although first you have to make sure that he does not see them.

7. You know more children’s songs than current ones

Clown plim plim playing guitar

Now you playlist only has The little painted hen, Plim Plim and, of course, Cocomelon.

8. It’s all about them

Women chatting while having coffee

When you go out with your friends it is inevitable that you talk about your little ones all the time, you even show them photos, videos and tell them about every achievement or mischief they do because they are so cute!

9. You became a bit obsessive about security

Mom watching her daughter play on the floor

You are always on the lookout for their safety, that’s why you bought special locks and railings for the stairs. Also, you don’t leave them alone for a second.

10. You are a compulsive shopper

Mom and daughter dressed alike

But you do not buy things for yourself or the house, but an infinity of clothes, accessories and everything for your children, because you love that they have a unique style, sometimes you even buy the same clothes to make match.

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