TikToker Goes Viral When Showing Your Airbnb Photos; it was the house of an accumulator

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Booking a hotel or an Airbnb is like playing Russian roulette, because you never really know what to expect from the place, because you can receive a mansion or face a horrible place. Also, the photos can be edited or taken a long time ago.

Unfortunately, the tiktoker Phoenruber suffered from a terrible deception. The girl thought that she would enter a cute little house, but when she arrived at the place, she realized that it was a messy place with too small spaces. Once inside, the girl recorded everything and concluded that the place was more an accumulator’s house than anything else.

Phoenruber booked a house that seemed like a dream

In the video, the TikTok user shared that she had rented a house vintage for 10 long weeks, but that in the photos it looked quite cozy. She knew it was not a luxurious stay, having stayed in ancient places before, so she was not worried about the place.

He showed the photos of the place

old house decorated with a vintage touch

The girl shared the photos to give her followers an idea of ​​what was shown when she applied for the accommodation. There were classic furniture, pretty colorful sofas, an antique tapestry, and even a huge garden.

Once she got home, she was totally shocked

House full of boxes

Living room with boxes and messy

The reality was totally different, because there were boxes all over the house, the air conditioning and the shower were not working and the owner of the house did not even bother to give him the keys to the house.

The strange thing is that it had very good reviews


The girl admitted that when she saw the ad she thought there were few photos, but that she trusted the reviews because they had all been five stars.

They all suggested asking for a refund

Airbnb payment fee

The sad part of the situation is that the girl has social anxiety and likes to please people, so she did not want to ask for a refund and just stayed there, although not for long.

She contacted Airbnb, but they did not respond immediately, so the girl had to be there for 11 nights. Unfortunately, they did not give him any solution and he had to pay the full price, as they charged him a normal rate. Initially, the price was $ 2,032 for 70 nights, but since he only stayed for 11 nights, he had to pay $ 1,195.

In the end he paid more than he owed, but left as an experience for other people who should not accept a place in poor condition even if it was “cheap.”

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