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123 miles creates website for consumers who have amounts to receive

The 123 Milhas Group, which is in the process of judicial recovery, created a website to gather data from injured consumers who have amounts to receive due to travel packages that were not made available.

According to the São Paulo Consumer Protection and Defense agency (Procon-SP), the website will receive documents that prove purchases made by consumers, such as an email with approved payment, card invoice, among others.

“This measure is important so that consumers who have already registered their complaints with the agency do not have to redo the entire procedure, in addition to considering the possibility that they may not be informed about the new website and miss deadlines or be excluded from the process”, stated Procon-SP

In a note to CNN, the company informed that the website was created by the judicial administration and should be an official space for information to creditors about the classifications and credits assigned to them by the Group, but states that there is no deadline for this verification.

“From the publication of the link in the Official Gazette, which depends on judicial authorization, creditors will have 15 calendar days to check the credits and forward any information on discrepancies and qualifications in case of non-identification of the credits”, said the spokesperson. voice of the Group.

The Procon-SP Foundation stated that it will submit a request for all the data of consumers who registered complaints at the time and who have already been sent for judicial recovery to be present on the website.

Source: CNN Brasil

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