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Manu Gavassi: “I can’t achieve things because I’m too intelligent”

The singer and ex-BBB Manu Gavassi 31, declared that he already loses job opportunities for “being too smart” . The speech was made in an interview with a media outlet published this Saturday, the 1st.

“Sometimes I don't achieve things because I'm too smart. Like, 'Oh, let's not call her out on that, she's too smart to [fazer] that'. '[Eu penso] I could do that too', but people think 'she won't do it'”, he declared.

“My image doesn’t help either. I’m small and I look younger”, added Gavassi.

The statements were made in an interview with the Universa website. The artist also spoke about her participation in BBB 20 and said that she entered “with all her heart, to learn from the experience”.

“I know who I am, I trust myself, I'm a nice person, I trust the way I was raised, I know that I know how to live with diversity, with people different from me, and I want that.”

In December last year, Manu Gavassi had already commented on the difficulty he feels in fitting into the music market as an original artist. She released a short film in which she criticized the standardization of the most famous artists.

Source: CNN Brasil

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