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13 Disney Characters version within the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Samuel Chevé is a French digital illustrator who has dedicated himself to making the version of the already famous Disney and Pixar characters as if they belonged to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM).

The results obtained are amazing, as it achieves a great resemblance to the Avengers and their other allies. Even though her main base is Elsa (Frozen), Flynn Rider (Tangled) o Robert By (The Incredibles), your work is excellent. If you love both worlds, this gallery will fascinate you.

1. The god of thunder looks more manly than ever

Bob from The Incredibles as Thor from Thor

2. Violet is perfect for the role of Nebula

Violet from The Incredibles as Nebula from The Gaurdians of the Galaxy

3. Demonstrating its value in any situation

Matthias from Frozen II as T'Chaka from Black Panther

4. We never think of Flynn with him look de Loki

Flynn from Tangled as Loki from Thor

5. Simply beautiful and loyal

Anna from Frozen as Natasha from The Avengers

6. Besides being handsome, he looks identical

Kristoff from Frozen as Steve Rogers from Captain America

7. He steals our hearts all

Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph as Morgan from The Avengers

8. We think he looks better like Tony Stark

Flynn from Tangled as Tony from Iron Man

9. Always with enigmatic characters

Edna fashion from The Incredibles as Mantis from Gaurdians of the Galaxy

10. Strong, brave and feminine

Violet from The Incredibles as Shuri from Black Panther

11. Anna blends in amazingly!

Anna from Frozen as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy

12. He has a great gift for antagonistic roles

Elsa from Frozen as Hela from Thor

13. Ready to save the world

Helen from The Incredibles as Carol from Captain Marvel

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