13 Little-Known Movies That Are Really Worth Watching

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There are good and bad movies, but there are also those that have not received the credit they deserve. Every year Hollywood floods us with countless feature films, so many that they can sometimes get lost between blockbuster stories and high-budget productions.

Here we show you 13 of the hidden gems in the world of cinema that, although they are not super famous or have recognized actors, are equal to or even better than many of your favorite films.

1. The assistant

Jane is a recent graduate who gets a job as an assistant to an executive in the entertainment industry. Her day consists of making coffee, changing paper at the copier, ordering lunch, organizing trips, and more. But as time goes on, Jane becomes more and more aware of abuse in every aspect of her workday.

2. Good Time: Living on the Edge

Good Time

After a botched bank robbery lands his little brother in prison, Constantine Nikas embarks on an odyssey through the city’s underworld in a desperate and dangerous attempt to get the bail money to bail out. his brother from jail.

3. 99 Homes

99 Homes

Dennis Nash, an unemployed construction worker, fell behind considerably on his mortgage, so he was evicted from the family home by local realtor Rick Carver, an unscrupulous man who found a lucrative calling in times of crisis.

4. Perfect love does not exist

The One I Love

Ethan and Sophie are married, but their marriage is about to fall apart, so they see a therapist regularly. After identifying a disconnect in their relationship, the therapist suggests that they take a weekend trip to a retreat on a large secluded property. The couple decides to try anything to save their marriage and agrees to leave.

5. Locke


Ivan Locke is a prestigious engineer who has had to work very hard to lead a good life, with a good job and a family that loves him. However, one day, on the eve of his most important assignment, he receives a call that prompts him to make a decision that may change his life forever.

6. The duplicate man


Adam is an affable history teacher who leads a rather monotonous life. One day, when watching a movie, he discovers an actor who is identical to him. Obsessed with the idea of ​​having a double, the search for this man will have unexpected consequences for him.

7. A daring proposal


Catherine, a successful doctor, suspects that her husband David, an attractive music teacher, is cheating on her. Hoping to clear up his doubts, he hires the young and irresistible Chloe to put David’s loyalty to the test. Chloe’s torrid tales of her encounters with David embark Catherine on a confusing journey of sexual rediscovery.

8. Empire Records

Empire Records

Employees of Empire Records, a small record store, will experience a special workday. The store is in danger of being bought by a chain and the manager, Joe, is willing to prevent it. His idea is to buy the Empire and, in this way, preserve the style of the place. However, in the morning he discovers that the money was spent by the night watchman at the casino.

9. Disobedience


A woman who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family returns home after learning of the death of her father, a rabbi. But everything will start to get complicated when he begins to show interest in an old childhood friend, whom he had always remembered despite the passage of time.

10. A good recipe


After losing face due to his character and personal problems, chef Adam Jones lets time pass and, finally, together with his old kitchen team, he opens a new restaurant with the aim of achieving perfection and achieving three Michelin stars. .

11. Vigilante

A Watcher

Sadie works as a caretaker, helping men, women, and children escape abusive homes. She uses the abusers’ money as a weapon and, in return, asks only for what the people she helps can give as she tries to get money from a life insurance policy left behind by her husband when he disappeared.

12. The mystery of the star


In a small English town that borders a magical and inaccessible territory, the young Tristán sets out in search of a star fallen from the sky to conquer the heart of Victoria. His journey, a true odyssey, takes him to a mysterious country, where he meets the star, who has become the beautiful Yvaine.

13. Speak


Melinda Sordino, a teenager traumatized by a fact that she does not want to tell anyone, has stopped talking. Stubborn in her silence, she begins another school year, closed not only to those who make fun of her isolation, but also to those who want to help her.

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