15 beautiful mugs to toss the gossip at tea time


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If you love to drink tea while you work, do your homework or read your favorite book, you should know that you can do it with a lot of class and style. How? This is very simple, because you only need a beautiful mug that not only inspires you to drink your favorite infusion, but also makes you feel like in one of the London cafes you have always wanted to go to.

Remember that you do not have to settle for a common pot, because you can choose one that represents you in its entirety. Enjoy more of that unique moment in the best way with the cups that we show you below.

1. With energy and inspiration to create something new

Blue tea cup with a crow painted on it

2. Precious crystals for your goldsmith’s soul

Tea cup, with quartz details

3. There will be constellations everywhere you look

Tea cup with rainbow details

4. Drink to the beat of the rainbow

Transparent tea cup with rainbow-hued crystal accents

5. If you are the plant lady, this will be your favorite

Transparent tea cup with flower details

6. Your artistic side will fall in love at first sight

Tea cup, painted watercolor type of flowers

7. Visit Wonderland

Tea cup, pastel colors such as blue, purple and pink

8. Ready to read the tea leaves?

Tea cup, black with white line details

9. Classic and with beautiful details

Tea cup, beige and dark coffee

10. A light sorceress needs something like this

Tea cup, pink with white, gold and black cat

11. Nymphs will fall in love with these colors

Transparent tea cup with pink and lilac details, litmus type

12. You will have the angel wings you deserve

Tea cup, iridescent white with golden wings

13. A pair of lovers who never part

Tea cup, white

14. Doesn’t it remind you of Minnie Mouse?

Tea cup, white with red polka dots

15. Because nobody shines more than you

Shiny gold tea cup

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