15 elegant ideas for a wedding as dark as your soul

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Forget about the traditional white weddings and give the most important event of your life a dark, mystical and elegant touch with black details.

If you have doubts about how this shade could look at your wedding, take a look at these ideas. You will like them so much that you will not be able to get them out of your head.

1. Make your dress the protagonist

Black wedding dress with lace

2. Greet your guests in style

Welcome sign in black

3. Ideal for the toast

Shot bar for toasts in black

4. In case your wedding is outdoors

Wedding frame with lace on black

5. Elegance in every detail

Toast glasses in black

6. Decorate the chairs with lace

Bow lace to decorate chairs

7. A bouquet as unique as you

Wedding bouquet in black and red

8. Invitations with a vampire touch

Wedding invitation in black color

9. A cute and sensual veil

Black lace veil

10. Dare to wear your own crown

Chaplet in black for wedding

11. Fine cutlery

Cutlery for wedding toasts in black

12. Matching jackets for a photo shoot

Black leather jacket for photoshoot

13. Each slice will make your guests sigh

Black wedding cake with meringue flowers

14. Trade your scrapbook for photos

Photo bar as a wedding reminder

15. Shoes are important

Wedding shoes in black

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