15 entertaining miniseries without much filler to watch the whole weekend

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Although there are a lot of TV series that are really good, the vast majority have six, eight or even twelve seasons – see Grey’s Anatomy– and we don’t always have the time or patience to spend entire months watching them from beginning to end.

In addition to these, we can find others that although they are entertaining, have a lot of scenes X, without much context and that are nothing else for filler. That is why we show you 15 miniseries with less than 10 episodes that have an interesting, direct plot and without many twists and turns.

1. Chernobyl


In April 1986, the city of Chernobyl, in the Soviet Union, suffered one of the largest and most shocking nuclear disasters in human history. Consequently, many heroes put their lives at risk to save Europe.

How long does it last? 5 episodes of 60 or 72 minutes

2. Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice

Elizabeth Bennet is a sensitive young woman with a strong and stubborn character. During a local dance she meets a rich, serious and arrogant man named Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. However, against their plans, Elizabeth and Darcy begin to develop an unusual relationship.

How long does it last? 6 episodes of 50-60 minutes

3. When They See Us

When They See Us

In 1989, a runner was assaulted and abused in New York’s Central Park. Five teenagers were charged with the crime. The quintet, called the Central Park 5, maintained their innocence for years and spent their sentences seeking freedom.

How long does it last? 4 episodes of 64-88 minutes

4. Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall

A dramatic story documenting the rapid and scandalous rise of Thomas Cromwell at the court of Henry VIII due to the death of Sir Thomas More, followed by Cromwell’s success in freeing the king from his marriage to Anne Boleyn.

How long does it last? 6 episodes of 60-65 minutes

5. Emma


Follow the story of the beautiful, smart and wealthy Emma Woodhouse. Dominating the small town of Highbury, Emma believes she is a great matchmaker, but when she teams up with her protégé, Harriet Smith, her fate takes an unexpected turn.

How long does it last? 4 episodes of 60-70 minutes

6. The Night Of

The Night Of

Nars Khan gives a mysterious woman a ride to a party to be thrown by his friend. However, Khan is accused of the murder of the stranger when she is found dead, so he will have to do everything he can to clarify her innocence.

How long does it last? 8 episodes of 56-96 minutes

7. And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None

Follow the story of 10 strangers who receive an unusual invitation to an abandoned mansion on the Devon coast. Among the guests are an unstable doctor, an anxious businessman, an irresponsible womanizer and a teacher with a dark secret.

How long does it last? 3 episodes of 60 minutes

8. Years and Years

Years & Years

A British family struggles with the hopes, anxieties and happiness of an uncertain future for 15 years of their life. The story begins with the Lyons clan when little Lincoln is born and a series of unexpected events leads them down a difficult path.

How long does it last? 6 episodes of 60 minutes

9. Godless


Notorious criminal Frank Griffin and his gang of outlaws have only one mission: to exact revenge on Roy Good, a former comrade who betrayed them all. In an attempt to escape, Roy finds refuge in La Bella, a town ruled mostly by women.

How long does it last? 7 episodes of 41-80 minutes

10. Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is cruelly raised in the home of her aunt, Mrs. Reed. As a young woman, Jane is hired by the housekeeper at Thornfield Hall, Mrs. Fairfax, to be little Adéle’s teacher. But when she meets the owner, Mr. Rochester, a serious and mysterious man, her life changes completely.

How long does it last? 4 episodes of 60 minutes

11. Olive Kitteridge

Olive Kitteridge

In the city of Maine, Olive Kitteridge, a retired school teacher, lives her daily life armed with a unique intelligence and insight. As she struggles to maintain her marriage, Olive grapples with the difficulties of depression, jealousy, and the secrets that she and others hide.

How long does it last? 4 episodes of 50-55 minutes

12. 11.22.63


Jake Epping, a teacher, has the opportunity to travel back in time to stop the death of John F. Kennedy. However, his aversion to modifying or altering history, his love for that time in America, and a possible romance put him in grave danger.

How long does it last? 8 episodes of 44-81 minutes

13. Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects

Camille Preaker, a crime reporter, suffers from alcoholism. She is recently released from a psychiatric hospital after years of self-harm. When she decides to return to her hometown, the mysterious case of the murder of two girls will put her back to investigate.

How long does it last? 8 episodes of 55-61 minutes

14. Watchmen


When a group of anonymous masked superheroes are treated and hunted as criminals by different government agencies, some band together to start a riot while others dedicate themselves to stopping them before total chaos breaks out.

How long does it last? 9 episodes of 52-67 minutes

15. Patrick Melrose

Patrick Melrose

Patrick is a privileged man but he had a traumatic youth in the 80’s. His father was abusive and his mother never did anything about it. Eventually, Patrick’s childhood leads him down a path of addiction and substance abuse in New York.

How long does it last? 5 episodes of 60-68 minutes

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