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15 Great ideas to get a piercing and bring back the style of the 90s

In recent haute couture fashion shows we have seen with surprise that designers have decided to bring back the piercing, an accessory that was in trend in the nineties, so it is certain that we will see them again, especially on the nose, with different characteristics and a variety of styles.

Although it is likely that the prices of the accessories launched by the exclusive brands will reach exorbitant prices, without a doubt, we can find cheaper versions in different places. Here are several proposals for you to choose the one that best suits your style.

1. A discreet hoop will make you look great

nose piercing

2. Do you dare to try it?

nose piercing

3. You can choose the designs you like

nose piercing

4. An accessory superchic instantly glamorous

nose piercing

5. If you just want a slight change

nose piercing

6. A piercing super exclusive. Chanel forever!

mouth piercing

7. Nose and lips, matching

nose and mouth piercing

8. Rhinestones to highlight your nose

nose piercing

9. A tiny touch of glitter

piercing placed above the mouth

10. Create a look more casual

nose piercing

11. To show off your perfect abdomen

belly piercing

12. Invent new ways to wear them

nose piercing

13. Your nose will shine with style

nose piercing

14. You can carry it somewhere where it is not so visible

tongue piercing

15. Frame your eyebrows with style

eyebrow piercing

Source: Okchicas

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