15 ideas to give your nails a touch of creativity

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Do you love having your hands always beautiful, but are you tired of always wearing the same designs? The truth is that we too and let’s be honest: looking for something different but beautiful is complicated.

That is why we have given ourselves the task of looking for some unconventional and well-known designs so that you can take them as inspiration and you can wear a manicure that not only steals glances, but is also the cause of some flattery.

1. Let your hand flow and make art

Manicure with point design and nude base

2. Go back to classic tones with different patterns

Manicure with design of figures and lines in black with a nude base

3. Just what music lovers need

Manicure with design of music notes and pink base

4. Mix designs and get beautiful results

Manicure with face design and earth tones

5. Fall in love with these colors

Manicure with gradient color design and nude base

6. Gold to shine like gold

Manicure with design of figures in gold color with base in neutral tones

7. Queen of the sun and the moon

Manicure with moon and sun design in black with grayish-blue base

8. Colorful details for happy days

Manicure with figure and dot design with pastel colors as a base

9. Elegant and sophisticated, as only you know how to be

Manicure with marble design, burnt orange lines and colors and nudes

10. Mate and head in case you don’t decide

Manicure with design of shapes and lines, in white with gray and gold

11. Small details make the difference

Manicure with a black line design and a nude base

12. A base color in its different shades

Manicure with lines design in gray ranges

13. You will fall in love with the result

Manicure with black design and golden lines

14. Our favorite

Manicure with a nude-based design with white, brown and olive green lines

15. Elegant and charming

Manicure with a design of golden lines and a nude base

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