15 Ideas to organize your home without ending your savings


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Organizing your home can be as simple as it is fun. It all depends on how creative you are, whether it’s recycling boxes or double-use everyday items.

Here we share 15 ideas to achieve it. Some are so simple that they will make you say, “How did I not think of it before?”

1. Use incense cones for your rings

Incense cones as a ring holder

This will prevent them from getting lost and will give your room an aromatic touch.

2. Keep an orderly shower

Hooks to hold moisturizers

Use hook rings to keep your shower creams in order.

3. Take advantage of magnetic stripes

Magnetic band to hold hair clips

You can keep all your hair clips in order with a magnetic band.

4. Double use your hooks

Wooden hooks to hold slats

Hang your hair bands or scarves on a hook to prevent them from fraying and mistreating.

5. Prevent your headbands from breaking

Had translucent pvc to hold headbands

Use a tube to store your headbands and prevent them from breaking, bending or mistreating.

6. Save space in your closet

metal baskets for storing bags

Attach small metal racks to the back of your closet door and store your bags there.

7. A dual-use box

Frame with tulle fabric to hold earrings and necklaces

Adapt a wooden frame as a jewelry box. Hang your necklaces there and prevent them from tangling with each other.

8. Use magnets

Magnetic board to hold makeup

Create a picture with magnets to organize your makeup and add a touch chic to your bedroom.

9. Tidy up your closet

Cardboard boxes marked with clothing labels

Label the boxes or drawers in which you store your clothes to prevent them from getting mixed up. This will make it easier to find it.

10. Forget about peerless earrings

Improvised jewelry box for storing earrings

Store your earrings in small corrugated strips.

11. No more spills

metal rack for draining dishes

Use a metal rack to drain your dishes over the sink, avoiding spills.

12. Take care of your boots

Foami ruvos to avoid boot breakage

Use fomi rolls to take care of your long boots from any breakage or wear.

13. Double-use your filing cabinets

Metal rack to store lids

Finding the lid of each container will not be difficult.

14. A minimalist shoe rack

Rack to accommodate shoes

Chic, simple and fashionable.

15. A bathroom in order

Portable towel rail

Use multipurpose hooks to organize your bathroom towels.

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