15 Incredible Options That Will Give Your Balayage A Colorful Twist

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For some years, the scanning It is the favorite option of many when they want a noticeable change, but do not dare to dye all their hair. The truth is that we cannot say that we do not understand the appeal, since it is enough to adjust the tones a little so that everyone looks amazing.

But after so many years, the trend is starting to get boring, don’t you think? As much as we like it, it’s time for a change. If you are one of the many girls who has fallen in love with scanning, we present similar options that will give you a twist colorful to you look. We promise you will love them!

1. ¡Rose gold! The favorite color of many

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2. These shades are perfect for fall

3. You will never go unnoticed!

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4. Like out of a fairy tale

5. Cool hues make it ideal for the season

6. You will have autumn in your hair

7. Your inner child will love it

8. There are no restrictions!

9. There are also options if your hair is dark

10. It’s time for a change!

11. It’s like there are precious stones in your hair

12. You will look like an ice queen!

13. A cotton candy in your hair

14. Very subtle but just as beautiful

15. It really looks like candy!

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