15 indoor plants to fill your home with color


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Do you want to fill your department with color and good vibes, but do not want new paintings or ornaments? There is a simple and very beautiful way to not only add color but also fill every room in your home with life.

If you are “the plant lady”, you will love this, because you will have new babies to take care of. In addition, these have that special touch that you are looking for so much, since their flowers are very striking and colorful. Choose the ones you like the most and place them in your favorite pot. You will see that your house will look more cheerful.

1. Violet

Violet in white pot

If you’re just starting out in the gardening world, you should have violets as they are easy to care for. In addition, they give you beautiful flowers that can range from light lilac to deep purple. They will make light rooms or those finished in gray tones stand out.

2. Hibiscus

Hibiscus in brown pot

It has a heavenly appearance and beautiful and large flowers in red, white, purple, orange, yellow or pink that will delight you during the end of spring. The important thing to make them look beautiful is that they get enough light and are planted in a pot in which the water can drain properly.

3. Hortensia

Blue hydrangeas in terracotta pot

They do best in the open, but with enough care and love they grow beautiful indoors. You can have flowers of various colors such as pink, yellow or blue during the spring. Delight your guests with some of them in the living room of your apartment.

4. Geranio

Geranium in terracotta pot

This plant loves the sun and although it blooms all year round, you should take some care such as watering it two to three times a week. He will give you beautiful flowers in white, red, purple, yellow and pink.

5. Gerbera

Gerbera in terracotta pot

You probably already know it, but do not identify it, as it is usually part of flower arrangements. However, it is time for you to have it in your home always fresh and delighting with its aroma and shades that can range from red, pink or yellow petals. It is recommended that your soil is always humid, so your flowers will always look alive.

6. Adventure rojo

Red anthurium in red pot

Believe it or not, it is one of the easiest plants to maintain. They need a lot of indirect light, watering one to two times a week and, above all, you must be willing to enjoy their beautiful flowers throughout the year.

7. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe in black pot

They grow like bushes and prefer shade. They must be watered with care and measure, as it is easy to drown them. When its petals open, they show orange, pink and red hues.

8. Carnation

Pink carnations in a vase with water

Of the most common but most beautiful flowers. They don’t bloom year-round, so enjoy their colors in spring and summer.

9. Calathea cascabel

Calatea rattlesnake in white pot

This plant does not have flowers, but it does have a great design in its beautiful leaves, which vary naturally between green and a cherry that will fascinate you. It can be the best decoration for your bedroom or that hallway that you thought lacked personality.

10. Petunia

White and pink petunias

They are simply beautiful. In addition, they bloom throughout the year and although they need constant watering, they are easy to care for. Rest assured that your best friend will be in love with these beauties.

11. Lantana

Lantana in terracotta pot

It has small flowers that will adorn every corner of your house in a tender way. You will love its color combination, but if you want it to flourish, it must have a lot of light, so it is preferable that you place it near a window.

12. Oil

Coleus in pot on wooden table

It has a multicolored foliage between yellow, purple and can reach scarlet tones. It is preferable that you place it in large pots, as it grows quickly, so you must be rigorous when pruning it.

13. Begonia

Begonia in brown pot

Many people love these flowers, because their colors can make anyone fall in love. In addition, they fill any place with energy. Some bloom throughout the year, while others only bloom in the spring. Remember to place them where indirect light gives them and in a place with a temperate climate.

14. Spatifilo

Spatifilium in white pot

Perfect to decorate your bathroom. It doesn’t require a lot of light or water, so it’s the perfect place for you to live. At first, it does not have flowers, but with the necessary care it will surprise you by sprouting some beautiful white flowers.

15. Cordyline fruticosa

Good luck tree with purple leaves

If you like different plants, this is just the one you need. You can place it in any corner you want and give it a very original appearance. It needs to be in a large pot. Enjoy its colors between green and jamaica, as well as its beautiful white flowers.

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