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15 memes that are worth much more than the millions that Shakira owed to the Treasury

15 Memes That Are Worth Much More Than The Millions

Before we even start reading and writing, we should learn what taxes are and what happens when we don’t pay them, because once we are adults, we are totally unaware of this issue and suffering begins. If you don’t believe it, then ask Shakira.

The Spanish Tax Agency issued a report to the court in which it mentions that the singer Shakira defrauded them with 14.5 million euros when she refused to declare and pay taxes between 2012 and 2014. No, we do not understand anything, but it sounds like owes a lot of money. Anyway, the singer has already returned the money. However, the internet still does not forgive her, so they made her a few memes to ask her: “Where are the thieves, Shaki?”

1. Come on, we all need tax classes

2. And he still has a thousand songs to give us

3. Hacienda, you love Shakira too, don’t deny it

4. I also do the same with taxes

5. The world owes more to her

6. The good thing that was not bare feet

7. Little by little we will get out of this debt

8. Get ready, Shaki because this trial is won

9. Yes, but there are more thieves than policemen

10. She is my personal friend!

11. Does anyone know where they are?

12. We don’t owe you anything, Hacienda

13. It’s not your fault, those pages never work

14. Shakira is actually a hero

15. Hips don’t lie

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