15 Outfits with open skirts that will make you look elegant and sexy at the same time

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Skirts are one of the most feminine and sexy garments that can be combined with practically any outfit and shoes. In the particular case of skirts with openings, either in front or on one side of the leg, they have become a very strong trend, because due to their versatility they can be worn in summer, autumn and even winter.

If you are thinking of wearing this type of garment but at the same time you want to look sexy and elegant at the same time, you have come to the right place, because in the following list you will find ideas of outfits that you can use to achieve this combination. The open skirt will become your favorite!

1. A discreet opening in the front

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photo of a girl wearing a slit skirt, short-sleeved blouse, and heels

2. She can be as open as you feel comfortable.

woman taking a picture in the mirror wearing a white skirt with a slit to match a black blouse

3. With closure to open it to the height you want

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woman posing in a skirt with a slit with a zipper on the right side

4. Print matches solid colors

woman taking a photo in front of the mirror showing her outfit with a skirt with an opening on the side

5. With blouses crop top you will look sexier

photograph of a woman posing on the street in an open skirt with a beige crop top

6. A fedora hat will add elegance to your outfit

photo of a woman walking down a street wearing a skirt with a slit in the front and a fedora

7. Satin outfits are pure sensuality

woman posing with a skirt and top set against a wall

8. Combine black with beige for a formal event

girl posing with a matching black skirt with a beige top standing on a street

9. A long skirt with a wide opening is also a good option

woman taking a photo in front of the mirror wearing a long skirt with a large opening in front in beige

10. Wear it with long boots and a sweater in winter

woman posing in front of a flower shop with open skirt and turtleneck sweater

11. Vinyl skirts are a symbol of sensuality

woman taking a photo in front of the mirror to show off her outfit with a vinyl skirt that matches a beige long-sleeved blouse

12. Add an assembly to your outfits

woman posing in front of the mirror with an open skirt with a white top and ensemble

13. With simple clothes for a style cottagecore

image of a girl with a pink open skirt matching a white top

14. Create a all white look quite attractive

woman with an open skirt and a white top posing in front of a wall

15. With basic garments you will look fresh and sexy

photo of a girl in front of the mirror wearing an open coral pink skirt with a white tank top

Source: Okchicas

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