15 People Who Got Horrible Tattoos And Forgot They’re Forever

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It is true that when we get a tattoo we may want many more, we are even given to say that “the body asks for ink”, but it is necessary to tell you, dear readers, that even if we want to get a tattoo and have the money to do it, it would not be bad that they first take a look at the following images to think first about the design and then about the place, because remember that cheap is expensive.

This is not to convince them not to get it or to give them advice with the moral of the “aunt who disapproves of tattoos”, not at all! On the contrary, the only thing we hope with this series of snapshots is that they realize what can happen when we stick to a design that is too “original” or “authentic” and that it can be a disaster if we do not consider the pros and cons. or, even worse, if we do not go with a professional to do it. Here are the worst tattoos ever created.

1. Is it Cardi B or Anne Frank?

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anne frank cheek tattoo

This chump took too much xanax and got a Cardi B tattoo on his face.

2. Like when you change tattoo artists

Enhanced Raven Tattoo

3. Ugly and unpleasant, but always believe in yourself

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tattoo believe in you

4. Maybe it was the big bad wolf from Little Red Riding Hood

wolf tattoo

5. Chefcito, is that you?

ratatouille tattoo

6. Be careful with tattooing your favorite song

tattoo song

7. Like two drops of water

tatoo dreamcatcher wolf

8. Please tell me it’s temporary

tattoo arm woman

9. Without worrying is how to… go get a tattoo

lion king tattoo

10. Child of the…moon

moon phase tattoo

11. Was it with a pen?

tattoo blots

12. Not even Lupillo Rivera was that creative

tatoo name correction

13. Wrong dimensions

tatoo wolf dimension

14. The consequences of going to get a tattoo with a few extra glasses

various tattoos

15. Very Christian Nodal, but with a low budget

badly done eye tattoo

Source: Okchicas

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