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15 Popcorn movies that you can enjoy any day of the week

Sundays are the days when we should not worry or take care of anything, just rest, relax and watch movies all day. Little by little, right? Perhaps the only concern is to choose a good movie and go for the popcorn and enjoy.

But that’s what we’re here for, because this time we bring you the best recommendations for Sunday movies, for those girls who have Amazon Prime Video and don’t know what to watch.

1. Nocturnal animals

This film tells the story of a woman living in Los Angeles who shares a privileged, albeit empty, life with her second husband. One fine day, in her mailbox she finds an unpublished novel written by her first husband, of whom she had no news. In her package he asks her to read it from her and then contact him, but her intriguing story catches her.

2. tomorrow is today

The adventure of traveling in time is something that this tape gives us. The story takes place in the summer of 1991, the time when the Gaspar family began their vacation on the beach.

However, everything spirals out of control when the teenage daughter elopes with her boyfriend, while an electrical storm traps the rest of the family aboard a water transport and upon returning to land they realize that they have traveled to 2022.

3. The map of the perfect little things

Speaking of time travel, this movie also takes us on an adventure, but with a more romantic touch. The plot tells of Mark, a witty teenager who lives happily on the same day in an endless loop, but his world is turned upside down when he meets Margaret, a mysterious girl who is also trapped in the time loop and together they will find a way to go out.

4. hereditary

In this film we see how after the death of the matriarch of the Graham family, the rest of the members are forced to discover strange and terrifying secrets about their lineage and the more they discover, the more they have to face the destiny they inherited.

5. The lost City

This hilarious action movie tells the story of a lonely, romantic novelist who has spent most of her career writing about exploring exotic locales in her adventure and romance books, but while on tour promoting her new book, she is kidnapped by a billionaire eccentric.

6. no time to die

Agent 007 is one of the most iconic characters in pop culture. In this installment, James Bond has left active duty, but his peace of mind doesn’t last long because his old friend from the CIA needs his help, so James goes after a mysterious villain.

7. Emma

In this film based on the novel by Jane Austen, we learn about the life of Emma Woodhouse, a girl who lives in Georgian England and who has been in charge of matching her friends and family. However, her Cupid’s adventures don’t always turn out as she plans.

8. The Voyeurs

This movie with eroticism and intrigue in its plot is about a couple who moves to the apartment of their dreams and discovers that the windows allow them to see the interior of the apartment across the street.

Both young people cannot resist seeing their neighbors and they even begin to take an interest in their sexual life. However, their curiosity turns into a sick obsession so they don’t hesitate to get involved without measuring the consequences.

9. The Lie

This film reveals the story of parents who try to cover up the crime of their teenage daughter. Due to such an incident, the family life changes completely.

10. I Want You Back

This romantic comedy portrays two “unmentionables”, “Voldemort” or “c%cas”, or whatever we want to say to exes, who propose an alliance to sabotage their ex-partners’ new relationships and win them back forever.

eleven. smile

This supernatural psychological horror film revolves around a strange entity that takes control of people and makes anyone who is possessed see people smile in a creepy way.

12. Fantasy Island

The film tells the story of the enigmatic Mr. Roarke, who makes the dreams of the guests who come to his luxurious tropical resort come true. However, these dreams turn into a nightmare and the guests must find a way to get out of the island alive.

13. vivarium

A young couple who intends to buy their house seek help from a real estate agent, but upon arrival, a strange sales agent takes them and takes them to a new and peculiar development where all the houses are identical, getting trapped.

14. Her

This movie tells the story of a lonely man who works as a writer and who is going through a traumatic divorce. His whole life changes when he decides to purchase an operating system for his phone and computer. It’s a very futuristic movie.

fifteen. birdman

This film by Alejandro González Iñárritu shows the life of a failed actor who tries to revive his artistic career with a theatrical production, but the character in which he was typecast does not allow him to move forward and ends up becoming a kind of alter ego.

Source: Okchicas

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