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He captured a terrifying ghost with his baby monitor

Almost all girls who are mothers understand the importance and practicality of having a baby monitor at home, as it makes it much easier to keep an eye on the little ones while they take a nap. However, these devices usually have interference or reproduce frequencies that have nothing to do with our sleeping babies, or perhaps even launch amazing images that will make more than one mother’s hair stand on end.

Such is the case of a mother who shared on TikTok the images that her baby monitor captured, which showed something terrifying and disconcerting, since they were taken when there was no one in the room or in the house.

baby monitor in a crib

The user @ ashleymeredith1529 shared on her account of the aforementioned social network that the device that is useful for monitoring her baby recorded a video in which a face appears in her son’s empty crib.

Despite the low resolution of the images, it is possible to appreciate what appears to be a face with human features, in fact, the eyes, nose, mouth and even hair can be distinguished. However, these features do not match those of your baby, so there are those who say that it is something paranormal.

capturing rare images on a monitor

The clip did not take long to attract the attention of users and some assure that it is possibly a camera failure, like a kind of frozen image, while others insisted that it was an appearance and that it would be best to change From home.

‘Call the police and don’t come home’; ‘Do you know the history of your house? You might want to check what was…’; ‘Has anyone recently passed away?’

Any idea what this is?! Failure or something else…

Source: Okchicas

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