15 Series on HBO Max that are a success and you cannot miss

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We know that for many of us, the weekends are ideal to lie down for a while to watch television and enjoy a good series. For that, the platform streaming HBO Max has the best, and we don’t say it, the critics say it.

That’s why today we have for you the series that critics have recommended seeing because they are the best, is it? Let’s find out.

1. The White Lotus

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This HBO Max hit began as a miniseries about a group of rich people in a resort luxury hotel in Hawaii, but over time its producer decided to turn it into an anthology set in hotels in different places.

2. Game of Thrones

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Surely, you have already seen this series, but if not, we share that it is one of the greatest shows of the 21st century, with great potential, although for many, the ending was disappointing.

3. deadwood

This classic series is about to return with a movie sequel, since it has a lot to say about the bloodiest episodes of the founding of the United States.

4. the sopranos

For many, this series is a great representative of HBO Max, and although not everyone has the same opinion, nothing prevents us from watching it over and over again. Some say that at least the first is mandatory.

5. the house of the dragon

Many fans of Game of Thrones they doubted if it would live up to expectations and even doubted its ability to rally the audience to support its existence. However, she lived up to all expectations. This spin-off has given to the fans the expected.

6.mare of Easttown

Week by week, this Show It got into the home of the viewers and into our hearts due to its good plot. Kate Winslet plays a police officer in existential crisis faced with one of the most difficult cases of her life.

7. Chernobyl

This HBO Max phenomenon is not only the chronicle of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, but also a reflection on the importance of stories, both truth and lie, in our times.

8. Watchman

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof, the same as the series lostreturned to science fiction with the adaptation of the graphic novel Watchman, but with a current touch for the times of ideological radicalization. It is very good and highly recommended by critics.

9. the wonderful friend

This Italian series based on a saga of novels has conquered all the critics. the wonderful friendby Elena Ferrante, is the first part of a quadrilogy about the relationship of two friends in Naples between the 50s and the 2010s.

10. Blood Brothers/The Pacific

This diptych on the Second World War is one of the chain’s most acclaimed fictions.

eleven. The Staircase

With this proposal, HBO Max takes a very particular approach to true crime, and although it is a fiction, it addresses one of the most lurid cases of the 21st century: the death of Michael Peterson’s wife on the stairs of his house.

12. bring me

This tribute to New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is a mosaic of unfortunate characters who turn to music, cooking and empathy to survive.

13. station eleven

Undoubtedly, this series is one of the most special you can see, since it narrates the consequences of a flu that kills 99 percent of the world’s population. And although the plot brings us certain uncomfortable memories, it doesn’t hurt to see it and appreciate that we’re still here.

14. I could destroy you

This series is a portrait of the concerns of the new generations and an exploration of emotional and sexual abuse in all its forms.

fifteen. The Last of Us

The Last of Us is an adaptation of the title that has marked the era of the modern video game. The plot revolves around Joel, played by Pedro Pascal, who years after losing his daughter in the outbreak of an apocalyptic plague must lead a young woman persecuted by humans.

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