15 Tattoos to ‘match’ with your BFF

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On more than one occasion we have wanted to get a tattoo with our best friends, but usually we do not achieve it, either due to lack of ideas or money. But if your problem is because your creative squirrel took a vacation and you don’t have good options, that’s what we’re here for.

Maybe it would be better if we could “sponsor” you the tattoo, but the truth is that we are in the same. However, we do not stop for ideas and that is why on this occasion we bring you the best tattoos that only BFFs would dare to get.

1. Because for each other always

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tattoo of best friends lighter and cigar

2. There is always one that coaxes the other

tattoo friends devil and angel

3. “Swear on the garita”

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tattoo friends promise with the pinky

4. Cheers to good friends

tattoo of friends glasses of wine

5. An eclipse of friendship

sun and moon tattoo for friends

6. The red thread of friendship

red string of friendship tattoo

7. Modern hearts

heart tattoos for best friends

8. To do it with your best friend

kitty tattoo going in and out

9. The fun and the bitter, the perfect balance

spongebob and squidward best friends tattoo

10. Tender

tattoo of friends with puzzle

11. Because of the “gossip”

gossip friends tattoo

12. United forever

tattoo for best friends promise

13. A heart with the footprints of both

heart tattoo with footprints

14. For the little group of three best friends

Heart tattoo for three best friends

15. Koi fish like yin and yang

koi fish tattoos for best friends

Source: Okchicas

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