20 Literal translations that became great memes and they do make you laugh

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A series of images with poorly translated English phrases have recently circulated on social networks and although in some cases, the photographs have nothing to do with the original phrase, their translations are so wrong that their meaning in Spanish causes a lot of laughter.

For this reason, the creation of memes in this funny way of false or poorly done translations from English to Spanish has gone viral among Twitter users, who have not been left behind and have generated their own images. So we couldn’t resist and created a list with the most original and funny ideas to make you laugh for a while. They are so absurd and cool at the same time!

1. A new marine species

literal translation of the sea iguana

2. For kitchen lovers

meme of the poorly made translation of I love to cook

3.No GPI

meme of the wrong translation of the phrase on the bus

4. You’re welcome!

Hanks meme mistranslated putting the phrase thank you

5. Somebody pick her up please

meme of a woman lying on the floor of a poorly made translation where it says I'm lying

6. A delicious Oaxacan tamale

meme image of what appears to be an Oaxacan tamale

7. Whatever the queen asks for

Queen Diana meme with a mistranslation of LADY D

8. A typical Spanish dish

meme of a bad translation of this is paella

9. A whiskey it would be better

meme of an image of Lord Byron with a literal translation from English to Spanish

10. Come on!

image of a street market with the wrong translation of let's pack

11. Are you okay?

meme of the Nirvana singer performing the song Dumb

12. The dream of many

meme of a bad translation of the phrase no bother

13. I open order, babes

meme of a girl walking with the phrase of a bad translation on the way to the shein

14. Poor thing!

meme with a photo of Lele Pons with a bad translation that says her belly hurts

15. The saddest thing you will see today

Dr. Strange meme of a bad translation where it says Doctor, I miss her

16. And it sure is fan by Czech Perez

meme with the image of a man who says he likes racing

17. They don’t look bad at all

blue colored dentures with the literal translated phrase of BlueThoth

18. Do Not Disturb!

John Smith meme in a scene from the movie The Pursuit of Happyness

19. Cleanliness is important

meme with the image of actor Clint Eastwood that translates his literal name into Spanish

20. What is seen is not judged

meme of a pregnant woman with the mistranslated phrase of I am so embarassed


Source: Okchicas

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