20 wedding cakes that stole everyone’s attention


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A wedding requires various preparations and one of the most important is the wedding cake, as it will be engraved not only on the palate but also in the memory of each of the attendees.

That is why we share 20 incredible and original wedding cakes that none of your guests will take their eyes off of you. They are so impressive that you will end up wishing for a photoshoot with them.

1. A collection of your favorite books

Wedding cake with book designs

2. For lovers of the magical world

Harry Potter-Inspired Burgundy Wedding Cake

3. A quartz charged with the force of your love

Wedding cake in blue in the shape of quartz

4. With woven effect

Wedding cake with woven design

5. Ideal for Disney fans

Aladdin Inspired Wedding Cake

6. Geometry never looked so delicious

Wedding cake with hexagon designs

7. A dream come true

Four-tier wedding cake mounted on a swing

8. The perfect cake does not exist …

Castle-shaped wedding cake

9. To start your own fairy tale

Four tier wedding cake

10. A straight ladder to the heart

Wedding cake simulating a staircase

11. The love that blooms

Wedding cake simulating flower petals

12. Defying the laws of gravity

Flipped wedding cake hanging from a frame

13. For souls darks

Wedding cake in black color

14. Breaking the schemes of love

Wedding cake in the shape of spheres

15. Details that make the difference

Wedding cake decorated with white butterflies

16. Neither sweet nor romantic

Wedding cake in nude effect with bitumen lace

17. As extravagant as their relationship

Wedding cake simulating an open curtain

18. Vanilla flavor minimalism

Hexagon-shaped wedding cake with marble effect

19. The protagonist of the wedding

Six-tier wedding cake decorated with roses

20. With surprise filling for the guests

Sky blue wedding cake with flower filling

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