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2020, worst year in history according to “Time” magazine


“The worst year in history”. In the absence of sobriety (the circumstances undoubtedly demanded it), the editorial writer of Time magazine has the merit of being crystal clear when the time comes to describe the year that has just passed. According to him, the year 2020 is the most terrible that man has ever known. Large-scale conflicts, health, economic, social crises … The United States and the whole world have experienced a number of serious events in recent months.

As explained Le Figaro, this consideration quickly aroused much criticism. On Twitter, in particular, many believe that it is even difficult to consider 2020 as the worst year among the last hundred. But the Time is justified by citing: “A recurrence of ecological disasters which confirm how much we have destroyed nature, an election contested by a fanciful argument, and a virus probably transmitted by a bat which can affect the entire population and take the lives of 1.5 million people around the world. ”

“Dawn is biding its time”

The editorial writer to whom we owe this analysis acts as a film critic in the magazine and explains that “if 2020 were a dystopian film, you would have cut the film after 20 minutes”, because it was too sad and banal.

“Americans are optimistic by nature,” she continues, “despite everything. That’s why our allies like us even if they laugh at us behind our backs – but we don’t care! Our optimism is our most ridiculous character trait, but also the prettiest. Life is not always a pretty sunrise, sometimes you have to go through the dark hours just before. Where the dawn is biding its time. “Whatever one thinks, this One, 2020 in black on a white background crossed out with a red cross, will undoubtedly, once again, make a lot of talk.

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