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Rapid expansion of corona in the Midwestern United States, record high number of newly infected people

The spread of the new coronavirus infection is remarkable in the Midwestern United States. According to Reuters, the number of newly infected coronaviruses in the area was 16,807 the day before, the highest number ever.

The average number of infected people per day for 7 days has also increased by 40% from a month ago.

In particular, new infections in the cold northern states are serious, and the states of Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin all reached record highs in October. Illinois also recorded the largest increase since mid-May the day before.

The positive rate of corona tests is also rising, surpassing 20% ​​in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

The number of hospitalized patients due to coronavirus infection in the Midwest also reached a record high for four consecutive days, surpassing 8,000. In particular, the number of hospitalizations in Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin has reached record highs this month.

Wisconsin announced this week that it will open a field hospital in the suburbs of Milwaukee in light of the tight beds in the state.

At the national level, the average number of new infections per day was 47,000, up from 35,000 in mid-September. The number of hospitalized people was about 34,000 the day before, the highest number since September 4.

According to Reuters analysis, the number of infected people has increased in the last two weeks in 30 of the 50 states, including most of the Mid-Western region.

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