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EU asks Britain for “a little more concession” Before the final stage of trade negotiations

As the deadline for trade negotiations between the UK and the European Union (EU) approaches the 15th, EU Chief Negotiator Barnier has reached the UK in several respects before entering the final stages of negotiations. Seeking concessions. An EU diplomat revealed on the 9th.

Barnier and Britain’s chief negotiator David Frost say they are approaching an agreement, but argue that there are major gaps in fishing rights, fair competition and governance. We are preparing measures in case neither the UK nor the EU agree.

Barnier, who stayed in London for only 12 hours, wants Britain to make concessions in some respects before entering the so-called “tunnel,” which is the sensitive final stage that determines the feasibility of the deal. .. “I want a little more from the British side before entering the tunnel,” said a senior EU diplomat.

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Johnson said there was some progress in the negotiations and that not all points were in agreement.

An EU diplomat said, “Emergency measures must be planned. It is still unclear whether or not an agreement can be signed as the end of the year is approaching rapidly.”

One problem is fishing rights. The EU wants to secure stable fishing rights in the British waters. This is an important issue for France, where the seaside fishing area has political influence. The UK, like its agreement with Norway, which is not a member of the EU, requires that catches be determined through annual negotiations.

“I don’t think fishery rights will be a major obstacle to the UK EU agreement,” said an EU diplomat. “The UK is trying to say,’This is a very important and sovereign issue,’ but it may be a means of negotiation to gain access to the EU market,” he said.

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