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29-year-old girl asks to undergo assisted dying due to mental illness – 'It'll be like I'm falling asleep'

A 29-year-old girl from the Netherlands has asked to undergo assisted dying, because she suffers from mental illnesses, which she believes are untreatable, to the extent that she has considered ending her life in the past. Zoraya ter Beek comes from the Netherlands – a country that recognizes assisted death – and gave an interview to the “Guardian”, stressing that her issues start from childhood. Specifically, he has chronic depression, anxiety, unspecified personality disorder and has been diagnosed with autism. When she met her partner, she thought the safe environment he offered would heal her, but she continued to self-harm and have suicidal thoughts, she claims. Since then, she has begun intensive treatments, including talking therapies, medication and more than 30 sessions of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). “In therapy, I learned a lot about myself and coping mechanisms, but it didn't solve the underlying problems. At the beginning of treatment, we start out optimistic. I thought I would get better, but the longer the treatment goes on, you start […]
Source: News Beast

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