3 things to watch in streaming on the weekend: Demon Slayer, Start-Up and Il Divin Codino

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Here we are again at the Friday appointment with 3 things I recommend you stream over the weekend 😊
This week it is the turn of 2 TV series and 1 film: Demon Slayer, Start-Up e The Divine Codino.


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Demon Slayer it’s the last anime I saw and I loved it madly 🥺🥺 tells the story of Plate, a boy who one morning, returning home after spending the night away from home, discovers that his family has been exterminated by a demon. The only survivor is his sister Nezuko, but there is a big one though: the girl has become a demon in turn. IS Plate he will do anything to make her human again.

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(You can find it streaming on Netflix)


Start-Up is a k-drama (you know my obsession by now), set in what can be defined as the Silicon Valley of the South Korea: Sandbox. The protagonist is This is Dal-mi, a girl who dreams of becoming one Steve Jobs of the Korea. She is an adventurer who doesn’t have much, but she has a big plan for herself …

(You can find it streaming on Netflix)


Maybe this film doesn’t need too many introductions. The Divin Codino has recently come out on Netflix and if you have not already done so you have to watch it now!

Small premise: I’m definitely not a football fan, but the story of Roberto Baggio it goes beyond any kind of football faith. It is a story of sacrifice, humility and commitment, The Divin Codino, indeed, tells the whole life of Baggio: from the beginnings – when he was just a child -, to injuries, up to the discovery of Buddhism. You can’t help but love it.

(Lo trovate in streaming su Netflix)

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