30 Bands of the 2000s that will make you remember your adolescence

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Who remembers having MySpace in the early 2000s? Or the photos that we upload to social networks such as Metroflog and Fotolog? How could we forget when we had the option to put our favorite song on our profile? We were all always aware of the new music that we could listen to on our cell phone, either because we downloaded it from the Internet or because our colleagues passed it to us by infrared.

One of the best things about that time was when we watched our favorite bands on TV channels like MTV. Well, in case you still don’t remember well, here we show you 30 bands from the 2000s that will definitely make you miss your adolescence.

1. Blink-182


It was formed in 1992 and was one of the most popular bands in the early 2000s. One of their most popular songs was All The Small Things in 2009.

2. The All-American Rejects

the all-american rejects

They have been together for more than 21 years, but they were one of the most famous bands in 2009 with the song Gives You Hell. We were all in love with their vocalist, Tyson Ritter.

3. The Rasmus

the rasmus

The band formed in Helsinki, Finland in 2004 and for much of the 2000s were a success. In The Shadows It is one of the songs that hit the most back then.

4. Fall Out Boy

fall out boy

Formed in Chicago in 2001. The band, which is still in force, had thousands of successes, but one of the first and that we all know is Sugar We’re Goin’ Down.

5. Green Day

green day

To date they are still together and have released about 15 albums. One of the songs that we all sang at the top of our lungs was Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

6. Panic! At the Disco

panic! at the disco

Brendon Urie, the lead singer of the band, was the crush of all. One of the most popular songs at that time was I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

7. Zoe

mexican band zoé

This Mexican band is still very popular. However, we cannot forget when in 2009 they gave us Any, one of the most successful songs of the 2000s.

8. Linkin Park

linkin park

Chester Bennington was one of the most recognized vocalists in the world. One of the songs we listened to the most in the 2000s was that of Numb, which was a hit in 2003.

9. Calle 13

13TH Street

Even if you were a rocker, you can’t deny that Dare you by this Puerto Rican band was one of the songs we all heard in 2005.

10. Evanescence


Amy Lee was one of the most memorable icons of the 2000s. Plus, half of your friends were in love with her. Bring Me To Life it was one of his best hits.

11. Reik


It was founded in 2003. This band continues to churn out hit after hit, but one of their most memorable songs is that of I would 2005.

12. Jimmy Eat World

jimmy eat world

One of the first songs that defined our puberty was definitely The Middle in 2001, success of the North American band founded in 1993.

13. Metro Station

metro station

Miley Cyrus’ brother participated in this band when they got their hit Shake It in 2007, becoming one of the gallants emo best known of that time.

14. My Chemical Romance

my chemical romance

The New Jersey-based band was hugely successful in the 2000s era, but one of the songs we all remember is Helena. Gerard Way will remain the crush of many.

15. Molotov


This Mexican band has many hits, but one of the ones that hit the most in 2007 was Yofo. To date they are still together and releasing new material.

16. Simple Plan

simple plan

In 2004, this band achieved stardom with the song Welcome to My Life. In addition, the vocalist, Pierre Bouvier, became the leading man of fashion.

17. RBD


We all know the history of this group that came out of the Mexican telenovela Rebel, which was popular during the 2000s. One of his biggest hits was Save me.

18. Thirty Seconds to Mars

thirty seconds to mars

Jared Leto is still one of the most popular hotties in the world, so we could not forget the band he leads with his brother. One of the top hits of 2005 was From Yesterday.

19. Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel

The German band made up of twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz, who were gallants in their day, found success in the early 2000s. One of the songs we remember the most is Monsoon.

20. Paramore


One of everyone’s favorite bands. Her vocalist Hayley Williams was an icon of that time, because we all wanted to have hair the same color as her. Misery Business it is one of the most popular songs.

21. Allison


In 2008, this band released the song Baby Please, becoming an almost immediate success. To date, they are still together and, in 2013, they were even nominated for a Grammy.

22. Moderatto


They have a thousand songs, but one of the ones that hit the most after 2005 was the cover that they did next to Belinda, Dying slow. Surely you sang it, don’t deny it.

23. The Veronicas

the veronicas

Like Tokio Hotel, this Australian group consisted of identical twins Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. One of his successes was Untouched in 2007.

24. Panda


This band was one of the most popular in the 2000s. In addition, the vocalist, José Madero, was the crush of many. The Unfortunate Do Not Cry It was one of the defining songs of 2007.

25. Kinky


The Mexican band had one of their biggest hits in 2006 with Where do the Dead go?, that sounded everywhere and appeared on the MTV channel all the time.

26. Claim


In case you didn’t know, they just released a new version of the hit song Without awakening, which made this Chilean band a success back in 2004. We all wanted Pablo Holman as a boyfriend.

27. Good Charlotte

good charlotte

The North American band had many successes, among which stands out I Just Wanna Live, since it was the song that we all knew each other in 2004. To date they are still together although they have not released new material.

28. Chetes


Although Chetes is not a band, he is a member of at least two (Zurdok and Vaquero), who were famous in the 2000s. The duet with Amaral, If you do not come back, was the romantic song that we all dedicated in 2006.

29. walls


A pop music band that has a lot of hits, but the song we remember the most is Neither you nor anyone 2004, as the music video was one of the 10 most requested on MTV in the 2000s.

30. Nikki Clan

nikki clan

The first, and of the few, successes of this band was Do not say no to me in 2006. We all followed Yadira Gianola, the vocalist, to find out what new looks pulled out and try to imitate them.

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