Home Economy 325,032 BTC is controlled by 32 companies

325,032 BTC is controlled by 32 companies

325,032 BTC is controlled by 32 companies

According to data published by the information portal CryptoTreasuries, 32 companies currently hold 325,013 bitcoins (BTC) on the balances of 32 companies, which is equivalent to about $ 11.7 billion. $ 470 million (169,279 ETH).

Of course, these figures are not definitive and exhaustive, but they provide an approximate picture of the state of affairs in the industry.

Top 5 companies holding BTC: CryptoTreasuries

Block.One owns the largest Bitcoin holdings (140,000 BTC). The second and third places on this list are occupied by MicroStrategy and Tesla.

So, on the balance sheet of MicroStrategy is about 90,859 BTC, while the company has increased its investment in bitcoins by about 50%. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Sailor has established himself as an ardent bitcoin enthusiast, and his company regularly increases its investment in BTC.

Meanwhile, Tesla’s bitcoin stocks grew by only about 5%. The head of the company, Elon Musk, has recently constantly stirred up the market with his tweets on the topic of cryptocurrencies, which has already attracted discontent not only of the crypto community, but even of Anonymous hackers..

Galaxy Digital Holdings and StoneRidge Holdings Group are on the next lines of the top-5 rating. Another crypto enthusiast, Square, has 8,027 BTC on its balance sheet.

It is worth noting that, judging by the statistics, Galaxy Digital is much more interested in Ethereum. She owns 98,892 ETH coins, which is the equivalent of approximately $ 275 million. Coinbase Global and Meitu hold 31,787 and 15,000 ETH, respectively.

In general, there are probably quite a few other companies that also own BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies. The experts of the portal admit this themselves, noting that the data they collect does not cover ETFs and other assets managed by firms. If these indicators were also taken into account, the final results would be significantly higher.

Proof of the legitimacy of the military-technical cooperation

Nevertheless, the data presented allows one important conclusion to be drawn. We can see that a number of large companies are already actively involved in the crypto industry. The financial industry has shown much more confidence in digital assets than it did a few years ago, when companies refused to even consider investing in a similar asset class.

A good example is the story of MicroStrategy, which radically revised its attitude towards bitcoin. If earlier she and a representative of her leadership simply ignored BTC as a phenomenon, now they have become active advocates of the cryptocurrency.

This once again suggests that the massive adoption of digital assets continues.


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