4 Children’s Movies That Are Actually Really Deep And Made Us Cry

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As good responsible and independent adults, we love children’s movies, what’s more, we go to the movies alone without taking our little nephews to the premieres because we want to enjoy them. The truth is that there are many tapes that have such a deep message that they make us cry and wonder if they are really childish.

The messages in children’s stories or movies carry a perhaps implicit moral and this makes the little ones learn playfully and without realizing it, so it is very normal that as adults we see the message they want to convey to us more clearly. But yes, when you see them, don’t focus on the message, just enjoy them, because maybe they will bring you a tear or two.

1. tiger movie

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tiger movie

Phew! If the crocodile ones didn’t come out with this movie, did they really see it? It’s very emotional that Tigger wants to find her family and then realizes that he was always with her, next to Pooh, Igor and the whole gang. sniff! Sometimes we look for what we already have and we don’t realize it.

two. Zootopia

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The film teaches us that we must break with prejudices, as when we judge strength by a person’s physique. In addition to Judy’s pursuit of dreams and goals and her peculiar friendship with the predatory Nick, they show us that appearances are totally deceiving!

3. toy story

toy story

With the last two installments of this Pixar production, we learned that detachment is very important, that we can look for what makes us very happy, letting go of those we love most and moving forward, just as Woody let Andy go and then Bonnie.

Four. The Lion King

The Lion King

We also cry when we see Mufasa die, don’t say no. One of the morals that the children’s film of the nineties can give us is to teach us how to recover from the loss of a being as important as dad, without running away from that pain and coping with living with it. However, he also tells us that “Without worrying is how to live.”

If we look further, it is certain that we will find deep messages in almost all children’s films, although now the writers make them more explicit. What is your favorite?

Source: Okchicas

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