5 benefits of outdoor training even in winter

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In the winter months, the desire to close in warm environments prevails also to carry out your workout, but the movement in the fresh air it is healthy: it reduces depression, stress, insomnia, burning more fat and increasing the immune system.

Of course, when the temperature drops, you have to take some little attention against rain, snow, wind and humidity. The cold, in fact, causes one contraction of muscle fibers it’s a constriction of blood vessels: as a result, circulation slows down and the possibility of muscle contractures increases. In addition, the joints stiffen because there is less production of synovial fluid. Where to start, then?

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As advised by the FAB (Fund for Wellness Assistance), to begin with, it is necessary to give greater importance to the warm-up phase: a cold start can cause trauma to the muscles, to the tendons, to the ligaments and at joints. And, if the air is freezing, a self-massage based on camphor oil on legs, calves, ankles and shoulders, which activates local microcirculation and heats.

Furthermore, the colder the air, the greater the stimulus to the bronchi, lungs and mucous membranes. To avoid the typical burning or irritation in the throat that occurs after inhaling a lot of cold air, better breathe in with your nose ed exhale through the mouth. This operation also has a positive effect on cardiac regularity.

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As for clothing, then, the ideal is the classic ‘onion’. The first layer, the one in contact with the skin, serves to maintain body heat; the second is functional to guarantee thermal insulation; the third, finally, must shelter from wind and bad weather. Wearing easy-to-remove layers, or technical fabrics designed specifically for sport outdoor. Remember to also cover the ends well, which give off a large amount of heat.

Finally, let’s not forget about hydration. Usually, train in winter it means sweating less and feeling less thirsty. Still, hydration is key even during this season. How to compensate for the liquids lost through sweating and breathing? Try the hot tea in the bottle, a solution to entice you to drink more, despite the temperatures.

And now that you’re ready to take on even the most severe temperatures, find out below the 5 main benefits of winter outdoor training suggested by Stefano Marini, Fitness Supervisor of the Aspria Harbor Club in Milan.

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