5 erotic series that are on Netflix and that you must see to raise the temperature

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Erotic series should not be taboo, on the contrary, some can be very instructive. When we refer to eroticism, we speak not only of nudes and hot scenes, but also of the construction of the story that leads us to that climax, that is, of the set of situations of love, desire and sexual pleasure.

On Netflix we can find good series with erotic content, so we took on the task of looking for the ones that we consider worth watching. Here are the five shows that you cannot miss.

1. You, me and her

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you, her and me

It looks like a fantasy and funny nightmare. It tells the story of a married couple who decide to spice up their relationship a bit, so they contact a girl to be a third company in fiery encounters. However, love comes as a fourth guest and that is when the problems begin.

two. Baby

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baby series

The background of this series is inspired by a case of juvenile prostitution in Rome, Italy. The series tells us how its protagonists, a couple of wealthy teenagers, decide to enter the world of forbidden pleasures and end up facing all kinds of obstacles.

3. Valeria


The Spanish series tells the life of a writer who finds herself in a creative block that disrupts her professional and personal performance. However, Valeria has the help of her three best friends and together they go through experiences of love, infidelity and jealousy that give rise to new ideas.

Four. dark desire

dark desire

The Mexican series that many have loved and we cannot leave it off the list, because it made us consider it our crush famous Alexander Speitzer. The actor and Maite Perroni have many scenes full of eroticism and although there is also drama, the passion that their main characters overflow stands out.

5. sex education

sex education

We have already talked about and recommended this series, especially for those young readers. Its three seasons have been a success and it deals with very important issues of sexuality from all points of view in the complicated stage of adolescence.

Source: Okchicas

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