5 ways to increase confidence with your vagina

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Six letters, three syllables, VAGINA. Let’s call it by its name. Even if, slowly, some taboos are falling about the private parts still talking about it is difficult and embarrassing. Indeed, precisely where the sun does not shine, the deepest mysteries begin. More than any other part of the body zone V causes anxiety. We consider that according to the statistics 45% of Westerners never talk about their vaginal health with anyone, not even with your doctor. But, more than any other part of the body, the vagina is also responsible for bringing joy and pleasure, as well as giving life.

Being able to talk about it without shame is really important to allow everyone to take full control of their health and, of course, their pleasure. Being aware of the private parts is essential to have a fantastic and satisfying sex life, because it not only allows you to make love better, but above all, thanks to masturbation, to understand how we are made, how pleasure works and free erotic fantasies.

Recently, in Great Britain, Anna Lou Walker published the book The Little Book of Vaginas which aims to normalize the topic, challenging taboos and reticence on the subject.

Little book of Vaginas di Anna Lou Walker

The author found that not only are women almost afraid to talk to their doctors about their private parts, but their lack of knowledge and, consequently, self-confidence also devastates their love affairs. According to a study, more than two-thirds of millennials reject oral sex because they are not fully aware of their private parts. And that means absolutely missed pleasure for them. Walker has thus accomplished five steps to help women get comfortable with their vagina, that everyone should follow.

The first is knowledge: if many girls have a peaceful and inclusive relationship with this sexual organ, for many others it is really a foreign body that is not dealt with or is done only because it is linked to hygiene and care. Instead, the more you observe yourself, the greater the awareness and therefore the acceptance of how you are made. Then masturbation is important, direct and healthy way to understand how it works, because internal and external self-exploration helps to perceive the sensations and the response of arousal derived from a given stimulus. Also create a themed playlist it’s a good idea: there are a lot of vagina-themed songs in the music scene. Certainly talk about it, with friends or with the doctor: “The first step to eliminate shame and the taboo on the private parts is to talk about it,” suggests the author of the book. Finally, respect it and don’t attack her with unnecessary products (do you know that the vagina cleans itself?).

Walker concludes: “Whatever her looks, whatever her story, know that your vagina is absolutely perfect, the way it is. And the best part? Whatever you choose to do with her, from creating a new life to having breathtaking orgasms, is nobody’s business but yours. “

In the gallery the steps to become a BFF of your own vagina.

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