Open air treatments: here are what to do and where to reconnect with your inner self

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The summer has always brought with it the desire to spend more time outdoors, in the midst of nature, among lush vegetation, green expanses and pristine beaches that are lapped by crystal clear waters.

After all, needless to deny it, we are lucky enough to live in a country that is a real one open-air museum: each region is distinguished by natural beauties in which it is worth getting lost and spending time in peace and absolute relaxation.

Let it be the sea, with its healthy and beneficial air, the mountain, with its paths of forest bathing, the hill with its gentle and conciliatory curves or the lake, a place of incredible charm and guaranteed relaxation, we can truly say that we are spoiled for choice.

Unfortunately, especially in recent months, the lockdown has certainly not facilitated or favored this contact with nature and this has and has had great repercussions on our psycho-physical well-being, now more than ever threatened by the intense rhythms of daily life.

However, we must not forget how, on a psychological level, being outdoors has a positive impact on our mind; helps us free ourselves from negative and obsessive thoughts, it predisposes us to contact with the outside world, helps to decrease the production of cortisol in our body and consequently to reduce the stress and negativity that lead to depression.

Nature helps to find tranquility, energy, serenity and strengthens the immune system. The contact with a landscape such as that of a forest, a beach and greenery in general, offers us a whole series of sensory perceptions and visuals that also influence us on an emotional level and that contribute to stimulating creativity, imagination and desire to do.

In addition to the sounds of nature, which have a great positive impact on health and well-being, smells, with their immediate and profound effect, also play an important role; some organic compounds, such as essential oils of trees and plants, have the effect of slowing breathing e reduce anxiety.

If then to the possibility of being outdoors we also add a wellness treatment, we played bingo and we won our dose of serenity together with beauty.

Impossible? Absolutely not. There are many structures throughout Italy that are equipped to offer their guests massages, beauty rituals, real treatments within spaces duly equipped but strictly open air.

Whether it is in a garden full of flowers and plants, on a terrace overlooking the sea, on the shores of a mountain lake or in the tranquility of a patio on the edge of a wood, it is possible to live a truly all-encompassing wellness experience, at the end of the which you will feel totally reborn.

Find out in the gallery above where you can treat yourself to this wonderful privilege.

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